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Slots Terms and Key Words

Slots terms are known to be the integral part of any slot machine glossary. In fact, slots terms must be acknowledged by the gamers in order to understand how to play slot machines in particular. Slots terms are known to be the hints that can help even an inexperienced gamer to win at slots.
Now let us review some of the most widely used slots terms.

Slots terminology

  • Action

Action is known as the particular betting in certain period.

  • Bonus

It is known to be the certain themed game feature that is traditionally activated in the case when particular slots symbols occur. Traditionally bonuses may depend on the game.

  • Candle

This is the light that is on the slots top. It is designed in order to warn the operators that the slot machine needs some change, in the case of the potential problem or requested hand repayment.

  • Carousel

This term is referred to the slot machine group traditionally put in oval formation or in circle.

  • Coin hopper

It is the special container that serves to separate the inserted coins and pick up the coins for payouts.

  • Credit meter

This is the specific visual display that shows the money amount or credits. It is widely used in video slots as the simulated LED screen.

  • Drop box

Drop box is the container that is located immediately under the hopper. It is designed in order to rotate the coins into the tray for the coins where they can be collected by the gamers.

  • EMG

It is known to be the short form of the electronic gaming machine.

  • Low level slots

These are the slot machines that can be played while seating. They include the stools for the so-called sit-down access.

  • Pay line

It is known as the straight or in some slots zigzagged line that by crossing the matched symbols defines the winning combination.

  • Pay table

This is the schedule according to which the slot machine conducts the payoffs.

  • Progressive slots

Progressives are the slot machines in which the jackpot is growing with every inserted coin.

  • Random number generator

RNG is known to be the special program that is designed for the slots. It actually determines the wins and conducts the payouts.

  • Short pay

Short pay is the slots payoff that is partial, less than the cash amount due for the gamer.

  • Stand up slots

Opposite to the low level slots, it is the slot machine that is played standing only.


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