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Croupier Movie

Croupier is one of the most known movies about gambling and casino world. The movie appeared on the screens in 1998. Being directed by Mike Hodges and with Clive Owen as a main character, it quickly gained popularity.

Movie depicts the other side of the game, side of casino staff. Though there are many movies that feature gambling themes, this one has added something new, as it covered the life of a person who was not a player, but a dealer.


Jack Manfred played by Clive Owen, is a casino dealer. He desperately needs money that is why he decides to take this job. He is totally involved into the life of casino. His best fellow is other casino dealer who makes his money with cheating, he stats relationships with Bella, who is his co-worker, though he has a girlfriend.

Eventually Jack becomes involved into the robbery that is planned in the casino where he works. That is the main idea of the whole movie. Of course, nothing could go right with this robbery, and it caused a lot of different events that have been shown in the movie.


Of course, this movie had not been the one that featured the theme of robbery. And this theme is out of particular interest to players. The matter is that everyone knows that casinos usually have a lot of cash, probably even more than any bank. Besides, the number of players in casinos is usually so huge that it is easy to stay unnoticed there. With the support of casino dealers it is ever easier to rob a casino, and many players dream to find such a support there.

In the Croupier movie it is perfectly shown how the situation may turn out. Of course, anyone should remember that this movie is just a piece of art, and you should not use it as a guide to rob the casino. Just want it and enjoy!

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