Baccarat rules

To be successful baccarat player it is necessary to know all rules of the games. Though they are simple, they must be explained for new gamblers. More...

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Basic Online Casino Baccarat Strategy

As you probably know, in baccarat the winner is not the one whose hand is the best, the winner is the one who predicted whether winner will be player or dealer, or the outcome will be the tie. How to make the result of the game better for you? Taking into consideration the fact that baccarat is the game of luck, it must be admitted that there actually no working strategies that will show you the definite outcome. Though, there are methods, that can make you result of the game better.

Odds – Becoming Closer to the Winning

Baccarat, as any other casino game has its odds. As there are three possible game outcomes, the odds are mainly counted for them. Statistics show, that in the long run each of the game outcomes has the following odds:

  • Players – about 44.61%
  • Banker - about 45.84%
  • Ties – about 9.55%

As you can see, the best bets to place are player and banker, as they both have high winning chances. But keep in mind, banker bet takes 5% of the commission in case of winning.

Methods that Really Work

Probably the best gambling strategy that you should stick to is the money management. It is well known among all players, those who play in traditional and online casinos, as it helps to place bets in the cleverest way possible.

According to this strategy, before the game starts, you need to decide on the total sum of the money you are ready to spend on betting. Divide this sum into the number of bets you are ready to spend. Keep in mind: you should never exceed this sum even if you win a lot. Your aim is to get the profits at the end of the gambling, or at least, not to spend more than you can afford.

Psychological Tricks

It is extremely important to play when you are in good mood. It has been proven, that if the player is upset, he would probably lose more. If you are too anxious, you should also avoid gambling, especially if you feel that you cannot control your bets.

Besides, you should prepare yourself to losses. Each time you place your bet, you give money to casino. Winning is just a rare event, you should not rely upon it. So when you decide on the sum of the money to play for (according to money management strategy), be ready to lose them all.

And one more detail. Take gambling as entertainment, not the way of earning money. When you will be able to do that, you will always be satisfied with the results!

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