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Roulette Origins - How Roulette Game Appeared

Roulette origins are still unknown. There are some talks about them but the scholars cannot finally agree on what is truth. But at the same time, this information is useless for those who want to find out how to win the game. It is all about luck, faith and desire to win. Nothing is strange. But let us take a closer look at this aspect of the roulette history.

As We Know It

We know that name Roulette in French means little wheel. There are some smart people who suppose that the French scientist Blaise Pascal accidentally invented it while working on the perpetual motion device. It is quite understandable that the people think so, as the roulette design somehow reminds the device that could work perpetually.

There are also thoughts among the scholars that roulette is the successor of the game that has been popular among soldiers of the Roman Empire. They took a wheel of the chariot and use it as a roulette wheel. The bets were various. And now, we see that the modern games of roulette do not differ dramatically, especially what concerns the technical part.

New Horizons

The very first roulette game had numbers 1-36. But in 1842 two brothers Louis and Francois Blanc added zero number to the full layout. It was an easy move which increased the house edge. That is how European roulette game came to this world. And of course, that event could not be left for history. Various legends and myths appeared then.

The most famous myth says that these men sold their souls to the devil in order to find out the secret of the game. And he told it to them. That is why the sum of all the numbers in the roulette game is 666, which is also known as the number of the devil himself. Once gaming was outlawed in the great country of France, it moved to the land of Monte Carlo. And now roulette is one of the most famous games in any casino you may think of.

Moving On

As the roulette game became so popular in good old Europe, it was taken beyond the seas. And it landed in the United States. It was a pretty young country, where anyone could bring something new and make profit out of it. And quick-witted Americans found the ways how to get rich and created their new variant of roulette game - American roulette. And this time they were not really inventive. They simply added one more zero to the layout. And that is how we received American roulette, which is widely played in the USA now.

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