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To be successful baccarat player it is necessary to know all rules of the games. Though they are simple, they must be explained for new gamblers. More...

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Basic Strategy Blackjack from A to Z

Being the game of skill and logics, blackjack should be predominantly played with the usage of strategy. The choice of strategy should depend on the mastery and knowledge of the player. It is known that professional players prefer to choose advanced card counting techniques such as Hi/Lo, KO, Hi Opt. For beginners it is better to choose other strategies that are not so complicated and require less concentration and efforts.

Basic Strategy

There is a basic blackjack strategy that can be followed by any of the players. The matter is that it is very simple, and due to this strategy you increase winning chances greatly.

In fact, basic blackjack strategy is code of actions that should be done according to certain circumstances. The circumstances in the game of blackjack are the up card of the dealer and yours hand. You should compare what you and dealer have and make a decision with the help of blackjack chart, that is a representation of a blackjack strategy.

Types of Blackjack Strategy Charts

When you decide to use blackjack basic strategy, first you have to find out which of the blackjack strategy you play. The choice of basic strategy will depend on the number of decks that are used in the game also.

It is very important to choose a correct strategy, as with the wrong choice you can just spoil the results of the game. When you play using strategy be also attentive with the cards you have. Make sure you understand all game abbreviations:

  • H (Hit) means take one more card
  • S (Stand) means take no more cards
  • D (Double) means double the bet
  • Sp (Split) means separate the hand you have

There are also other options that are not usually indicated in the basic strategy chart. They are Insurance and Surrender. Though these options are meant to protect player from great losses, they should be used wisely. If you are new to gambling and to blackjack game in particular, it is better to avoid these options until you learn the game perfectly.

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