Baccarat rules

To be successful baccarat player it is necessary to know all rules of the games. Though they are simple, they must be explained for new gamblers. More...

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How to Play Baccarat Online

Being of the card games, baccarat usually gathers lots of players around the table. Card games are extremely popular, and it is quite obvious that each of them is loved by players. The matter is that some of the games are too complicated for playing (like poker), other seem to be too boring (like blackjack). But baccarat is a perfect combination of fun and easy rules.

Baccarat Basics

In the game of baccarat, two competing hands are involved – dealer’s and banker’s. Each player should place a bet on the game outcome – there are three possible variants of them, called player (when player has the best hand), banker (when banker has the best hand), and tie (when two hands are of similar value).

Baccarat, like blackjack, is game where you need to count cards. But unlike blackjack, you just need to count the value of your hand. No matter where you prefer to play, at online casinos or in traditional gambling house, you should always keep in mind that the denominations of cards in your hands will be the following: cards from 2 to 9 have the value corresponding to their number (e.g. 5C is worth 5 points), all the face cards, Aces and 10’s have value of 0 points. Pay attention, that the maximum value of your hand can be 9. If it happens that you have more points (11 for example), you need to add two numbers that constitute your results (in this case, 1+1 is 2, so the total value of your hand is 2).

Need Some Luck?

Baccarat is game of luck. That is probably its most controversy point, as many casino players look for some game where they can implement their abilities. At the same time, a lot of gamblers always choose games of luck, that require no skill at all (for example, slot machines or online roulette).

So why does baccarat is considered a game of luck? Mainly because the result of the game depends on the first hands dealt to game participants. But before the game starts, it is necessary to make a bet. And only your decision will influence the total outcome.

This point makes the baccarat a little bit similar to roulette game. Like in online roulette, you first make your bet according to possible game result, and you need to anticipate it, or rather predict. For many players, this game moment is absolutely amazing, and that is why many players turn to play such games. Are you one of them? Try baccarat to make your decision!

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