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Download and Flash Software - Pros and Cons

Playing online casino games is the tendency of the last few years, that becomes more and more popular. The benefits of online gambling are obvious, so many casino games fans prefer playing via the Internet than visit traditional gambling houses. If you are new to the world of online casinos, you should learn out the peculiarities of virtual gambling.

After you have chosen reliable casino and software provider, you will be offered to download casino slots. However, there is one more type of software – flash game versions. To download or not to download - that is the question. A lot of players are embarrassed what to choose. It will be wrong to state that one variant is better than another one as each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Creating an Account

When you choose download casino software, you create an account and play for real money, although there is a practice mode that gives you a chance to play for free. It is a right choice, if you are an experienced player and are ready to bet your own money. But if you are a beginner, it is better to choose Flash software, as it doesn't require long registration. It is a great opportunity to try the quality of a casino and software provider.


Flash version of online slots can be played on any computer. It doesn't matter if it is your computer or you play at internet cafe. The only thing required is an internet connection. Nothing is needed to be installed. In case of download software you can play only on the PC where you have installed the application package.

PC Requirements

If you play no download slots, you need to check if there is a web browser which supports Flash content. In order to download software, there are no special requirements for your computer. However, be ready that software can be quite bulky and take a lot of space on the PC.

Graphics and Sound

Due to the fact that download software is bigger in size the quality of sound and graphics is much better than of Flash version. Software providers do their best to create online the same atmosphere like in live casino houses.


Players have the opportunity to participate in slot tournaments with downloadable casino unlike flash ones. Online tourneys are held quite frequently and are very favorable for players.

Virus Attack

Downloading software can leave your computer prone to virus attack or misuse while no download casinos are completely safe. For this reason if you decide to download software, it is recommended to download only reputable casinos.

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