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Online Video Poker Casino Game Details

Among all games that are offered at online casinos, video poker is the one that deserves a precise attention. The matter is that this game combines features of two most popular casino games, poker and slot machines. Though these two games are absolutely different, they can be combined into one game, and what is more important, this game can become one of the most played among other games.

Features of Video Poker

If you look at the video poker machines, it is quite possible that you will not be able to distinguish it from the common slot machine from the first sight. But when you start to play it, the differences will be obvious. At slot machines you can see only several reels and lots of symbols, while at video poker you will see cards, just like in poker, though these cards will be electronic, or rather virtual.

Most of the video poker games are based on draw poker games, so in order to play this type of game, you need to know the basic rules of poker game. At least, you need to know what hands are used in this game. Any poker player knows, that the hands are identical at all poker variations, though sometimes some differences may happen. But video poker games usually use traditional 52 card deck that can create 12 common poker hands. Although, some of games use 53 card deck, that include Joker card (in poker games used as wild card).

Why to Play Video Poker?

Video poker has lots of attractive features. Slot machine gamblers find it attractive because it resembles somehow slots, but still the games are different. It is a truth that slots become boring with time, and sometimes it is important to change the gambling field. Playing video poker you do not need to change it completely, just turn to the other machine!

Video poker will also be good for poker gamblers who are looking for easy game to play that does not involve much efforts. Video poker is perfect for that! Unlike traditional poker game, you have no need to use complicated strategies and bluff, as you play against the computer only, and video poker involves lots of luck in the game.

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