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Twenty-One Movie for Blackjack Lovers

The movie 21 was based on a story of MIT Blackjack Team which gambled in 1990s and was able to win millions of dollars thanks to card counting and team play. Ben Mezrich, a former member of MIT Team, wrote a book Bringing Down the House, which become a basement for the movie 21.

The Plot

Ben Campbell is an average Medical student of Harvard who needed a lot of money to continue his study. But it was not very easy to earn huge money in short time for his scholarship. He was sure that any kind of way would come and he would get huge money.

However, a math professor played by Kevin Spicy invited Ben to contribute the blackjack game with other members - Liza Lapira, Jill Taylor, jimmy Fisher and some other. The team knew the rules and regulations of the blackjack. Besides, they were trained to implement one of the most complicated strategies in this game – card counting. Their maths professor became their teacher of blackjack game.

When they became absolutely prepared to play the game of blackjack, they were divided into several groups and each of them new what he would do during the game. Several players played and counted cards until the count became positive. When that happened, a player gave signal to others, and especially to big player who played for huge money.

Their strategy worked, and they gained a lot of money. Of course, the movie would not be interesting without intrigue, so some events happened that made the players act differently.

Educational points

Though 21 is an entertaining movie, it shows perfectly that it is very important to stick to the strategy when playing blackjack, and not to risk when the situation is not under your control. At the same time it shows, that not everyone can become a card counter, as this strategy requires lots of attention, and in many cases, support of other players.

One more thing that is perfectly explained in this movie is the relations of the casino pit bosses to card counters. If once you decide to count cards at casino, just keep in mind that there is always someone who tries to define who is counting cards.

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