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Slots Superstitions: What to Believe?

Slot machines are computerized devices, that are designed to generate haphazard symbols on a sequence of reels to create a certain combination. As result of each combination is unknown for players, many of them try to understand how the machine is working and what can influence the results of the spinning. But a lot of players’ thoughts about how slot machine is working is nothing than a myth. Some of such myths may seem very silly, but many players actually apply these to their game.

Some of the common superstitions

1. Play standing

According to this superstition, you will be luckier while playing slots when you stand than when you sit. The main theory is that is a player gets more comfortable when he sits and the machine knows. And it brings a bad luck to the player who sits. As you can understand, it does not influence the way slot machine works at all, so that is a myths.

2. Get them when they are hot

Players believe that if you heat your coins prior to putting them in, then the machine will hit a jackpot. On the other hand, some players insist of freezing the coins for hitting the jackpot. The temperature of the chips you use does not influence the results of the spin.

3. Play new machines

Many players believe that in order to win it is enough to play new slot machines, as they have lots of jackpots to pay out. The truth is that slot machines are not programmed to pay out jackpot, as jackpot is the random event, as well as any of the slot machine spins.

4. Location

Players believe that slot machines, which are placed at the casino entrance hall have better chances of winning and that is why it is better to play them. In fact, the best slot machines are those that are situated far from other games, as there they will not distract other gambler with loud sounds and bright flashes.

The worst slot superstition

5. Time will tell

This is possibly the worst superstition. According to this, a machine ought to hit jackpot eventually. However, this eventually can be a week, or even a month, or a year as well. However, you must know that playing on a machine for hours does not guarantee to win you a big jackpot before the end of the night. Winnings of jackpot is the reward that not all the gamblers can get.

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